Snapz Mango Menthol CBD Hemp Smokez

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Snapz Mango Menthol CBD Hemp Smokez - 10 Pack - 500MG CBD

Do you need a product that can be used in exchange for your current pre-rolls?

Snapz Mango Menthol hemp cigarettes are a full spectrum hemp flower product with a crushable flavor capsule built right into the filter for a unique flavor experience.

Each package of the Snapz Mango CBD hemp smokez contains 10 hemp cigarettes with filters. 

Snaps cigarettes utilize organic hemp flower and trim in a convenient pre-roll package. Every cigarette comes with a filter that has a snappable, crushable flavor capsule in them.

That means that every pack of Snapz makes for multiple flavor combinations, regular, mango, menthol, and mango & menthol.

Snapz are manufactured by Spectrum Wellness, a fast growing California CBD company, gaining popularity for their hemp cigarettes.

Wellicy is proud to partner with Spectrum Wellness to bring you the Snapz dual flavor Hemp Cigarettes.

Spectrum Wellness takes pride in their product, including safety, quality, and microbial testing throughout their manufacturing process.

To enjoy your Snapz Mango Menthol CBD Hemp Smokez in regular hemp flavor, simply pull a Snapz out of the package and light, do not crush anything.

To enjoy your Snapz in a mango flavor, snap the filter where the mango flavor capsule is inside the filter, light, and enjoy.

To enjoy Menthol snap the capsule in the filter,  and enjoy or if you want the Mango Menthol combination, snap both filters inside your Snapz Mango hemp cigarette, light, and enjoy.

Snapz Mango hemp cigarettes are a great choice for you if you would like to use these in exchange for cigarettes.

They are also a great choice if you need the benefits of smokeable hemp but have a difficult time (or not enough time) to roll your own.

Snapz Hemp cigarettes are designed to bring each customer a custom smoking experience, that’s big on flavor and effect.

Snapz Hemp Cigarettes are a full spectrum CBD product. If you are drug tested please look into a CBD Isolate or CBD Broad Spectrum product.

Additional Information:

  • Under 0.3% Total THC
  • High-Grade, Smokeable Hemp Flower
  • Purity Tested, No Metals or Pesticides

CBD Strength:

  • 50 mg of CBD per Hemp Smoke
  • 500mg of CBD per Pack


  • 10 pre-rolled Hemp Smokez with flavor filters per pack

Additional Snapz Flavors

How to Use the Snapz Mango Menthol Hemp Smokez 

Snapz Mango Menthol Hemp Smokez are a high end, pre rolled hemp cigarettes with snappable flavor capsules in the filters. To use your Snapz Strawberry Menthol Hemp Smokez, remove from pack, crush the flavor as desired, light, inhale, and enjoy.

Recommended Storage

To preserve the outstanding quality of your Snapz Mango Menthol Hemp Cigarettes please store in a cool, dry place away from excessive heat, light, or humidity. 


Snapz Mango Menthol Hemp Cigarettes are not to be used during pregnancy or lactation. If you have a medical condition or take pharmaceutical drugs, please consult your physician before use. Keep out of reach from children.

Brand Wellicy
Country of Manufacture USA
About the Company Our CEO, Eden Coleman, started Wellicy out of pure passion for cannabis and a simple need to help people improve their lives through hemp! After being a beginner to CBD at one point, Eden understands how confusing it can be for a beginner. From understanding the differences between CBD isolate, full spectrum and broad spectrum, which dosage is best for you, how to know which brand is high quality, and so many more. So in short, Wellicy will be there for you to help answer your questions before you purchase, as well as any questions you have after your purchase! Education & customer satisfaction is our #1 priority here at Wellicy, it's in our DNA. Here at Wellicy, we strive to provide you with the most effective treatments for a holistic approach. We accomplish this by providing you with tested and proven hemp derived CBD oil products. While ensuring the quality of our products with 100% natural hemp derived CBD, crafted in a FDA certified lab located right here in the United Stat
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