How it Works

How it Works 

To learn more about, how it works and the advantages of selling your products on the world's first retail CBD marketplace, please click here.

In order to start selling wholesale CBD products on, you will need to:

  1. Register and Login
  2. Click on Sell Now button
  3. Tell Us About Your Shop
  4. Wait for us to approve your shop
  5. Customise your profile (this will be the face of your business)
  6. Start Listing your products
  7. Make a payment (we accept credit cards, bank transfers and cryptocurrency)
  8. Please send the relevant payment to:

Bitcoin: 3NeForXZTX1eoUqzMQcwy3TraFpefMvrrW

Ethereum: 0x269d8bbed177f17a292e77ceddfefb73aa5690bc

  1. Add a link to us in a visible area on your home page (you can use our logo)
  2. Wait for us to approve your products
  3. Your products are live
  4. Receive messages and orders from consumers
  5. Add/Edit/Delete unlimited products at any time

Please note: failure to comply with any of the above conditions, especially the payment and link insertion on your site, will simply lead to the closure of your store and the deletion of your products. We actively check every single shop opening request and product listing.

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