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Koi Skincare CBD Tightening Toner - CBD Infused Facial Toner - 500MG - CBD Isolate

When looking for a face toner, it's crucial you opt for one that's designed with a blend of botanicals that are specifically selected to detoxify, replenish and support your skin!

But what if I told you that you could experience an elevated skincare routine that's coupled with the benefits of CBD?

If this is the type of facial toner you're looking for, then the Koi Skincare CBD Tightening Toner which is apart of a 4 part skincare routine will more than exceed your expectations. 

The Koi Skincare CBD Tightening Toner comes in a 50mL glass pump bottle that is infused with 500mg of hemp derived CBD isolate (THC free) plus an incredible list of know skin toning ingredients to restore balance and elevate your skincare routine.

By helping to regulate your skin's oil production and ensuring health skin cell turnover, the Koi Skincare CBD Tightening toner will do just that!

But how you may ask? Well by pairing 500mg of CBD with a potent blend of fruit essences in each bottle.

All of which are perfectly combined so you can detoxify your skin, promote elasticity, and replenish essential vitamins and minerals that are crucial for skin health.

After all, when your skin health is at its best, you not only look good but it can also help boost your self confidence, exposing the world to your true beauty!

Koi CBD partnered up with a team of skincare experts to pair their expertise in crafting quality CBD products to bring you a 4 part skincare routine that competes with some of the top beauty brands on the planet!

The Koi Skincare CBD Tightening Toner is the detoxifying CBD toner for supporting healthy skin at the cellular level.

Ingredient Details

Sure experiencing the potential skincare benefits of CBD is great, but the benefits of the Koi CBD Tightening Toner only just begin there!

When you pickup the Koi Skincare CBD Tightening Toner, each bottle is precisely crafted with 500mg of CBD, plus skin health boosting ingredients such as watermelon extract, algae extract, Kakadu Plum extract, Cucumber fruit extract, and White Grapefruit Essential oil, plus many more!

Koi CBD and their team of skincare experts opted for the use of watermelon extract in the Koi Tightening Toner.

Due to watermelon extract containing powerful antioxidant properties that replenishes your damaged skin cells with both collagen and elastin proteins, to help prevent sagging and discoloration. 

You certainly want a tightening toner with ingredients that are used to draw toxins from your skin. Algae extract is used in the Koi CBD Tightening Toner to suck out toxins from your skin, while also replenishing essential vitamins and minerals.

It wouldn't be a true and effective tightening toner if it didn't use ingredients to soften your skin and promote elasticity. So the Koi Skincare CBD Tightening Toner uses Kakadu Plum extract that contains gallic and ellagic acids to do exactly that!

You'll also find cucumber fruit extract in the Koi CBD Tightening toner because it contains astringent properties that help to hydrate and tighten your skin. 

All of the skin health benefits of the Koi Skincare CBD Tightening Toner is topped off with use of white grapefruit essential oil to promote overall healthy skin by reducing harmful microbial activity.  

CBD Strength 500mg
Brand Wellicy
Country of Manufacture USA
About the Company Our CEO, Eden Coleman, started Wellicy out of pure passion for cannabis and a simple need to help people improve their lives through hemp! After being a beginner to CBD at one point, Eden understands how confusing it can be for a beginner. From understanding the differences between CBD isolate, full spectrum and broad spectrum, which dosage is best for you, how to know which brand is high quality, and so many more. So in short, Wellicy will be there for you to help answer your questions before you purchase, as well as any questions you have after your purchase! Education & customer satisfaction is our #1 priority here at Wellicy, it's in our DNA. Here at Wellicy, we strive to provide you with the most effective treatments for a holistic approach. We accomplish this by providing you with tested and proven hemp derived CBD oil products. While ensuring the quality of our products with 100% natural hemp derived CBD, crafted in a FDA certified lab located right here in the United Stat
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