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Who We Are?

EMPE USA is an online retail store based in the United States of America that offers quality cannabidiol products of a wide variety. As a company located in the USA, all our hemp and CBD brands are grown, harvested and manufactured locally. From the location of production, till the goods get to our retail stores, our team of quality assurance personnel are always careful to ensure our products are safe and well handled. Ultimately, we only guarantee excellence in our business such that our customers would have absolute trust in our brands.

Our Business Model

At EMPE USA, quality is our watchword. Therefore, all of our products go through rigorous purity and quality control tests in our well equipped certified laboratories. This is to ensure our customers are assured of EMPE CBD that is more than 99% pure and EMPE Hemp that is 100% original and natural.

In addition, our highly trained and professional customer service team are on hand to provide customers with a prompt response to enquiries as well as to receive feedbacks from all consumers of our brands. We do this to ensure that our customers’ satisfaction is continually met.

Our Products

EMPE USA provides a large range of cannabidiol compounds that suits the needs of a broad and diverse number of customers. All of our products are manufactured so that they contain less than 0.3% THC. This way, consumers can relax when they purchase EMPE CBD or EMPE Hemp brands, as they are sure of not getting “stoned” after use.

To add to this, at EMPE USA all of our products are locally manufactured. They are grown, processed and packaged in the United States of America. Some of our products include all forms of vaping devices, vape oil, CBD derived lotions, treats for pets, pre-filled cartridges, Hemp and CBD gummies as well as edibles that come in different flavours and so much more.

Other products are soon to be added to the broad range of products which are already available. In addition to this, when it comes to cost, our products are affordable and come at pocket friendly prices. Therefore, you can be assured of quality products without having to break-the-bank.

Our Vision

Our vision at EMPE USA is clear and concise, we are geared towards offering Hemp and CBD compounds in the purest of forms as well as giving full assurance of trust and quality to our customers.

Our Mission

To be the company and online retail store of choice. One that deals in top-notch hemp and CBD brands that suit all the needs of our consumers.


All CBD products from EMPE USA are to be used by persons who are 18 years and above ONLY, as the law requires. Furthermore, when using our products for therapeutic purposes, please consult a qualified and certified medical doctor. It is also advised that you stick to the usage as indicated on the product leaflet or label or follow the doctor’s recommendations strictly.

Note that all products from our company have undergone various clinical as well as quality assurance tests. However, they are not recommended for treatment purposes except when advised by a certified medical doctor. They are therefore not be used as a first choice therapy for treatment of diagnosed ailments.

Finally, all products from our company are not recommended for children, pregnant, nursing mothers and people who suffer from allergies. Before usage of any of our brands, a doctor’s direction should be sort for people who suffer from allergies or mental illnesses such as paranoia, depression and so on.

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