Eclipse CBD Peppermint CBD Isolate Tincture

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Eclipse CBD Peppermint CBD Isolate Tincture with MCT Oil

Trying to find a new peppermint tincture but having a hard time finding one you like? 

Well look no further, the cooling peppermint taste will not cause your mouth to get frostbite, with the Eclipse CBD Peppermint CBD isolate tincture with MCT Oil!

Who wouldn't want an amazing CBD tincture with a great taste from Eclipse CBD, who's motto is "Better not Bitter"?

If you want to enjoy the amazing benefits of a CBD oil tincture that doesn't leave a bitter after taste like many on the market, you need to try the Eclipse CBD Peppermint CBD isolate tincture!

The Eclipse CBD Peppermint CBD tincture leverages the bioavailability boosting benefits of MCT oil as the carrying oil, rather than leveraging a VG/PG blend.

Eclipse CBD is at the top of the list for their extraction methods.

The Eclipse CBD Peppermint CBD isolate tincture is manufactured with 100% American grown hemp, that's extracted using a CO2 process.

Eclipse CBD not only focused strongly on developing an effective formulation, they also put the same amount of energy into their peppermint flavor formulation.

Meaning each dose of the Eclipse CBD Peppermint CBD isolate tincture will be an incredibly tasty and easy to consume flavor!

The Eclipse CBD Peppermint CBD tincture is available in a 30mL bottle in 300mg, 600mg, 1,000mg, and 1,500mg of CBD isolate.

Not the biggest fan of using a CBD tincture sublingually? 

Well you can take your coffee or even your toothpaste to another level by adding the Eclipse CBD Peppermint CBD isolate tincture into the mix!

CBD tinctures are incredible for finding out what the perfect dose is for you and your needs.

With the Eclipse CBD Peppermint CBD isolate tincture with MCT oil you can gradually increase or decrease your dosage to find the correct amount for you and your personal needs. 

CBD Strength:

  • 200mg (CBD Isolate with MCT Oil)
  • 300mg (CBD Isolate with MCT Oil)
  • 600mg (CBD Isolate with MCT Oil)
  • 1,000mg (CBD Isolate with MCT Oil)
  • 1,500mg (CBD Isolate with MCT Oil)

    Bottle Size:

    • 10mL (200mg Only)
    • 30mL (300mg, 600mg, 1,000mg, & 1,500mg)

    Other Available Flavors:

    • Orange Dream
    • Flavorless
    • Peanut Butter
    • Lemon Cake
    • Strawberry Delight

      Suggested Use

      The Eclipse CBD Peppermint CBD Isolate tincture with MCT oil is designed to be used orally (sublingual), but can also be mixed with food or beverages. This product is not meant for vaping.

        Tincture Use:

        • Take One Full Dropper (Approximately 20 Drops or 1mL) As Needed 1-3 Times Per Day, Recommended to Start with 20mg in the Morning & 20mg Before Bed
        • Simply Open Your Mouth, Lift Your Tongue, Drip and Hold Underneath Your Tongue for 30-60 Seconds Before Swallowing
        • Or Mix in with Foods or Beverages
        • Servings Per Container: 30 or 20 Depending on Bottle Size
        • Serving Size: 1 Full Dropper (1mL) 


        • CBD Isolate
        • MCT Oil
        • Non-GMO Natural and Artificial Flavorings

        CBD Concentrations

        Below you can find the varying concentrations of CBD isolate in your bottle of the Eclipse CBD Peppermint CBD Isolate tincture with MCT oil.

          300mg CBD - 30mL Bottle:

          • 10mg of CBD / 1mL
          • Approx. 0.5mg of CBD / drop (depending on drop size)

              600mg CBD - 30mL Bottle:

              • 20mg of CBD / 1mL
              • Approx. 1mg of CBD / drop (depending on drop size)h

              1000mg CBD - 30mL Bottle:

              • 33.33mg of CBD / 1mL
              • Approx. 1.66mg of CBD / drop (depending on drop size)

              1500mg CBD - 30mL Bottle

              • 50mg of CBD / 1mL
              • Approx. 2.5mg of CBD / drop (depending on drop size)

                Recommended Storage

                To preserve the incredible quality of your Eclipse CBD Peppermint CBD isolate tincture, please store in a cool, dry place away from excessive heat, light, or humidity. 


                The Eclipse CBD Peppermint CBD isolate tincture with MCT oil is not to be used during pregnancy or lactation. If you have a medical condition or take pharmaceutical drugs, please consult your physician before use. Keep out of reach from children.

                CBD Strength 200mg
                Brand Wellicy
                Country of Manufacture USA
                About the Company Our CEO, Eden Coleman, started Wellicy out of pure passion for cannabis and a simple need to help people improve their lives through hemp! After being a beginner to CBD at one point, Eden understands how confusing it can be for a beginner. From understanding the differences between CBD isolate, full spectrum and broad spectrum, which dosage is best for you, how to know which brand is high quality, and so many more. So in short, Wellicy will be there for you to help answer your questions before you purchase, as well as any questions you have after your purchase! Education & customer satisfaction is our #1 priority here at Wellicy, it's in our DNA. Here at Wellicy, we strive to provide you with the most effective treatments for a holistic approach. We accomplish this by providing you with tested and proven hemp derived CBD oil products. While ensuring the quality of our products with 100% natural hemp derived CBD, crafted in a FDA certified lab located right here in the United Stat
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