Chicken Flavored CBD Oil For Pets

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Chicken Flavored CBD Oil For Pets - All Natural

Flavor Details

This Chicken Flavored CBD Oil for pets tastes like chicken! Of course it does, and it will have your furry friend relaxing until the rooster crows and then some. This light-flavored oil is a solid choice for pets with digestive issues where the overpowering flavor of certain treats may be an issue.

Suggested Use

Using our Plastic Safe Dropper inject CBD Oil directly into pets mouth slowly. You may also mix the CBD oil into your pets food.

Doses Based on Pets Weight and CBD Amount

5 to15 Pounds (15mg CBD) Use ½ Dropper (100mL) once daily
15 to 25 LBS (50mg CBD) Use ½ Dropper (100mL) once daily
25 to 50 LBS (100mg CBD) Use ½ Dropper (100mL) once daily
50 to 100 LBS (300mg CBD) ½ Dropper (100mL) twice daily
100 to 150 LBS (500mg CBD) ½ Dropper (100mL) twice daily
150 to 300 LBS (750mg CBD) ½ Dropper (100mL) three times daily

Please note: for larger animals such as Horses weighing above 800 LBS you may use may use (750mg CBD) ½ Dropper (100mL) 6 to 8 times daily.

Pet CBD Oil Ingredients

ALL Natural Flavoring 

The Importance of Knowing

Gluten Free
Broad Spectrum
No Artificial Coloring
Made in USA

Plastic Safe Dropper

No Glass Breaking in Mouth
Easy to Read Measurements
Child Resistant Cap
Precision Dropper Bulb

Winterization Process

All Hot Juice CBD is Winterized Using The Supercritical C02 Method

Allergen Information

Contains Coconuts

CBD Strength 15MG
Brand Hot Juice
Country of Manufacture USA
About the Company The Hot Juice team is made up of vaping enthusiasts and e liquid connoisseurs from a broad demographic of experience and specialty. We assembled the Hot Juice crew from industry veterans, vape juice gourmets, DIY vapor techs, and anti-smoking advocates passionate about vaping. Together we collaborate to create precise, outstanding ejuice that will inspire all users to keep vaping and foster our smoke-free lifestyle and community. Our Hot Juice Laboratories are housed in a clean, safe, secure, internally regulated facility on site at our California headquarters. Our eliquid artisans take great care and precaution to bring you a pure, unadulterated, contaminant-free vapor product with integrity worthy of our customers’ trust. Hot Juice applies our passion for the finest e juice flavors directly to our manufacturing process.
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