Huge CBD farm to open in Lincolnshire, England

Huge CBD farm to open in Lincolnshire, England

Plans to build one of the biggest CBD production sites in Europe are underway in Lincolnshire with Canadian company Sundial Growers’ recent acquisition of the Bridge Farm Group, which is based in the market town of Spalding.

Sundial, a licenced cannabis grower, plans to use the site to grown hemp for CBD production. However, no doubt given the rising popularity of CBD oil, the original site just isn’t big enough. Reports suggest that it’ll be expanded to a whopping 3.8 million square feet, making it one of the biggest fully-automated growing structures in Europe.

And, if recent new additions to the expansive CBD market are anything to go by – cannabidiol is now being used in food, as part of spa treatments and in alcoholic drinks – then it most certainly seems like they’re going to need a bigger field!

Aiming for the worldwide CBD market

Sundial’s executive chairman Ted Hellard revealed plans to sell the high-end CBD products worldwide and said: “Bridge Farm has been an acquisition we have set a goal on for some time. Their current structure size of 1.8 million square feet will be increased to 2.8 million by early 2020 and 3.8 million by the end of 2020, allowing Bridge Farm to become one of the largest fully automated, protected growing facilities in Europe.”

Chief executive of Bridge Farm, David Ball, added that the merging of the two companies would provide a win-win situation for CBD oil users, given that his family business has long-standing retail relationships and is well respected within the farming industry.

David said: “We are very proud of the way we have grown Bridge Farm to its current position as one of the most successful UK horticultural businesses.”

He added: “Demand for CBD products is growing, with increasing consumer awareness in the UK market. However, consumers want confidence in the products they buy. Our philosophy as growers is that plants must be high quality and grown in a sustainable way and we will now be able to bring that expertise to CBD health products.”

Sundial chief executive Torsten Kuenzlen added of the Bridge Farm team: “They have deep expertise which we can learn from. Consumers deserve high-quality CBD heath products they can trust and we are excited by this opportunity.”

Although this CBD farm is still in the making and crops yet to be available for extraction into CBD oil, you can already get high quality CBD oil right here. Ironically, we grow CBD in Canada, Sundial chose to come here to grow it!