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Purity You Can Trust. Quality You Can Feel.
  • 900 mg of Cannabinoids Per Bottle
  • 750 mg of CBD + 150mg of CBN per bottle
  • 2 mg of Melatonin per softgel
  • Vegan Plant Based Softgels
  • Tasteless and easy to swallow
  • Deep Sleep support formula
  • Made in the USA

Pure Sleep Softgels offer you the convenience and ease of a better night sleep in one easy to swallow vegan softgel. Relax into deep restorative rest so you can catch up on much needed zzz’s. Pure Hemp Botanicals Pure Sleep Softgels support your body’s natural sleep and wake rhythms to help you get a full night of sleep for optimal wellness. Our powerful CBD, CBN and Melatonin formulation is your ticket to a better night’s sleep. 

Each bottle contains 30 Pure Sleep Softgels. One serving size is one Softgel. Each Softgel contains 25mg of CBD + 5mg of CBN and 2mg of Melatonin. 

Pure Sleep Softgels relaxing properties come from full spectrum CBD + CBN Isolate, and Melatonin which promotes deep restorative rest for balancing your circadian rhythm. 

Balancing your sleep cycle and getting in a full night of uninterrupted sleep is crucial for your health and managing stress. Our easy to swallow, tasteless, vegan softgels give you a natural way to calm your body and mind for peaceful restorative rest every night. Pure Sleep helps balance your circadian rhythm which helps the body stay in balance and good health.

One Pure Sleep Softgel before bed helps relax the body into a tranquil state so you can get to sleep and wake up restored. If you have ever suffered the day after a bad night of sleep, you know just how important it is to get a full night of sleep in. 

No more sleepless nights spent tossing and turning, Pure Sleep Softgels naturally support a balanced sleep cycle so you can function at your best every day. 

Sleep in… to wellness


For best results take 1-2 Pure Sleep Softgels 30 minutes before bed. If you feel you need a higher Sleep Support dose slowly work your way up until you find the right dose for your needs.

Pure Sleep Softgels help relax the body into a tranquil state so you can get in a quality night’s sleep.

CBD Strength 900MG
Brand Anthology Brands, Inc.
Country of Manufacture USA
About the Company Our mantra “Compassion in Action” guides our work and relationships here at Pure Hemp Botanicals. We believe that every act of compassion helps to create a better world. This is why we produce sustainable, cruelty free, vegan products, and support charities who are agents of compassion in our local and global communities. There are more than 25,000 different uses for hemp – from natural beauty products and holistic health products to green building materials and eco-friendly clothing. Hemp has almost as many benefits for human health and the environment as there are ways to use it. This is why we at Pure Hemp Botanicals are passionate about making whole-plant hemp products.A percentage of every purchase from Pure Hemp Botanicals is donated to an organization whose work has a meaningful and positive impact on our world. We hope you’ll join us in spreading compassion and making the world a better place one hemp plant at a time!
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