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Give your body and skin refreshing cool relief with Pure Hemp Botanicals 500mg Cooling Gel roll-on. This is the perfect formula to soothe achy muscles after a long day, a good workout, or just whenever you could use some pampering.

  • Delivers a blast of Pure CBD and cooling relief
  • Perfect formula to soothe achy muscles after a long day, a good workout, or just whenever you could use some pampering
  • Packed with 500mg of Pure Hemp CBD, powerful icy menthol, Peppermint, and therapeutic essential oils such as Rosemary Oil
  • Comes in a roll-on bottle for a convenient, mess-free application

Our Cooling Gel is formulated with 500mg of Pure Hemp CBD, powerful icy menthol, and therapeutic essential oils, this light gel roll-on is sure to relax those hot and bothered muscles. Our CBD Cooling Gel formula comes in a roll-on bottle for a convenient, mess-free application. Rigorously tested, our CBD Cooling Gel formula can support your wellness and workout goals.

Roll-on our lightweight cooling gel generously to any area you wish to target before or after workouts and everyday activities. This ultra cooling formula will leave your body tingling with joy! Made with only vegan ingredients, our formulas are compassionate to your body and our planet. Pure Hemp Botanicals 500mg CBD Cooling Gel formula is made with high quality powerful plant based ingredients for results you can feel. Ready to chill? This formula is designed to deliver you lasting relief so you can conquer your day and move with ease. Apply CBD Cooling Gel whenever you need some cooling relief. Give your body the balance and serenity it deserves!

What can you expect to find in a bottle of our Cooling Gel?

Here are a few of the key ingredients:

  •         500mg CBD Oil
  •         Menthol
  •         Camphor
  •         Peppermint
  •         Rosemary Oil

Formulated to deliver you a blast of Pure CBD and cooling relief, this formula is designed to support your body to move with ease. Apply for cooling comfort your muscles deserve with maximum value, and convenience. It hits the spot after a long day, a good workout, or just when it’s time for some self-care.


Apply the product the same way you’d apply any type of gel. Simply roll the desired amount of gel onto the target area, gently squeezing the container, whenever you feel you need some cooling relief! Apply the gel to your skin as generously as you like. You cannot overdo it! However, it is not recommended that this gel be applied to broken/sensitive skin or open wounds.

Caution: For External Use Only

  •         Avoid Contact with eyes and mucous membranes
  •         Do not apply to open wounds
  •         Stop use if condition worsens or severe skin irritation occurs
  •         If pregnant or breastfeeding, consult with a health professional before use
CBD Strength 500MG
Brand Anthology Brands, Inc.
Country of Manufacture USA
About the Company Our mantra “Compassion in Action” guides our work and relationships here at Pure Hemp Botanicals. We believe that every act of compassion helps to create a better world. This is why we produce sustainable, cruelty free, vegan products, and support charities who are agents of compassion in our local and global communities. There are more than 25,000 different uses for hemp – from natural beauty products and holistic health products to green building materials and eco-friendly clothing. Hemp has almost as many benefits for human health and the environment as there are ways to use it. This is why we at Pure Hemp Botanicals are passionate about making whole-plant hemp products.A percentage of every purchase from Pure Hemp Botanicals is donated to an organization whose work has a meaningful and positive impact on our world. We hope you’ll join us in spreading compassion and making the world a better place one hemp plant at a time!
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