Now Introducing CBD Infused Jelly Beans

Now Introducing CBD Infused Jelly Beans

It’s no surprise that the rise of CBD is expanding to specialty markets. From coffee additives to CBD Themed Hotels, the industry is poised to create a niche for everyone. And this is one of them. With the ease of consuming your daily dose of CBD already available in gummy form, why not apply the same principle to jelly beans? That’s what appears to be the mind set of Jelly Belly developer David Klein, who is proud to introduce his new line of CBD infused jelly beans. These wonderous little gems are being sold under the name Spectrum Confections and are currently only available by special order online through Spectrum Confection’s own website. The jelly beans are so new to the CBD craze their existence isn’t mentioned once on the whole of Wikipedia but they’re already so popular that, according to The Independent, since their launch in March of this year they have been sold out.

What makes us so excited to see the launch of such a novelty product? Well, Jelly Belly is a brand nearly all of us can recall from our childhood. And if we’ve been fortunate enough, our adulthood too. The flavours available are expansive, creative and fun and its one of the few confectionary brands that give the consumer the power of choice with fully-tailored gift boxes and personalised collections. AND they were actually launched into space! U.S. President Ronald Reagan cheerfully endorsed the Jelly Belly brand as jelly beans replaced cigarettes in his habitual repertoire and the rest is history. Literally.

So, if the inventor of Jelly Belly jelly beans has a recipe so good that it has the power to win over the taste buds of a U.S. President and serve as an elite treat to space-bound astronauts, you bet your bottom dollar we’re excited.

Those of us anxiously awaiting our turn to sample the benefits of CBD in the form of a tasteful, tiny, gelatinous pill will have to exercise patience as the CBD infused jelly beans are currently only available within the U.S. But that doesn’t mean we can’t indulge ourselves while away on holiday. Plan ahead and order in advance and you too can be one of the lucky first recipients. But be prepared to pay for the exclusivity.

Spectrum Confections offers CBD jelly beans that are sugar-free for the health conscious and gelatin-free for the cruelty-conscious consumer. They come in an assortment of 7 palatable flavours and are lovingly wrapped in a sweet coating to mask the strong taste of the CBD additive. Each bean contains 10ml of in-house tested CBD. 800 pieces will set you back a considerable $480, or you can go for the more economical selection of 24 pieces for $180.