CBD and Bees

CBD and Bees

When it comes to bees and CBD, we get a general idea of what they are as well as how they contribute to society but did you know if they were to work together both sides could benefit! If you didn’t already know the earth is in a bit of a crisis due to a bee shortage. Numbers are drastically dwindling leading to shortages in pollination, food supply, cotton/flax as well as climate changes. Bees do more for us than we think. If we don’t take care of them, we can look forward to a future of desolate crops and empty plates for our children.

You could be wondering what and who are killing these insects that we need to sustain life. The number one cause will be the widespread use on pesticide in industrial agriculture. This is known to not only kill the plant-eating insects but those who pollinate them as well. CBD which is an extract from hemp eliminates this issue because industrial hemp does not require insecticide or pesticide so there’s no damage to the bees which live among these crops. Hemp also blossoms at a different time of year to most plants. This helps the bees maintain their food supply as well as gain resistance to disease that some of the sugar and corn syrup they ingest doesn’t impart.

The key ingredient to keep a bee alive and functional without falling prey to diseases is pollen and there is no amount of substitute that can eliminate this. Bees consume pollen as food (as well as nectar). When hemp starts to become a valuable pollen source for the bees, we are potentially giving them a chance to survive as well so the ecological value will become strong with time. The more hemp we grow, the more bees can survive. Could you imagine a world that didn’t have to fear a food shortage or even a downfall of certain animals and their ecosystems?

When CBD and bees do come together there could be a couple of questions to arise that involve the bee and its overall wellbeing. First off when a bee visits a hemp plant there are no neurophysiology alterations because a bee doesn’t have a neural system within their body. This means that the bee doesn’t get any type of side effect when visiting the plant so it’s completely safe. Bees will usually target male hemp plants for their pollen but will usually only use them as a last resort if the other flowers in the surrounding area are not in season or full bloom. However, a female hemp plant may help to produce a special type of sugar as well as water which helps to give the bee an extra number of floral nectarines. This means a specific type of (non-psychoactive, i.e. no THC) CBD honey. 


One of the major concerns with CBD honey is that there is going to be some type of photoactive effect on the person but that isn’t true at all and here’s why: 

When a normal person consumes honey, they usually consume it at room temperature or add it to maybe a desert as well as beverage and this can be seen as completely safe. Now when you add heat to the CBD honey this will begin to cause the alkaloids within the honey to start to react ultimately leading them to be active. This is when the temperature is approximately between 130-160 degrees Fahrenheit which is the melting point of CBD crystals. If a person is to consume honey at those temperatures which lead to higher concentration levels, they will more than likely begin to feel a physiological symptom categorized as a function of living rather than psychological which is a function of behavior. CBD is non-toxic so increased levels are not an issue from a health perspective – side effects are very minimal.

In conclusion, we can see that CBD honey is safe for not only the bees but for us as humans as well. With such a natural beneficial gift why not take advantage of it and see all the different benefits that CBD honey can provide and maybe even used as a safer alternative to pharmaceutical remedies. This type of product can be seen as great not only for your insides but for your outsides as well. Using these types of all-natural ingredients can offer wide spectrum of benefits so combining CBD with honey makes complete sense!