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4 years ago

Perfect for athletes and for after the gym. Targets the pain, the soreness, the fatigue; hit it right where it hurts, oil is great but there is nothing like a topical that you can directly put on the pain for almost immediate relief.

It can be used throughout the day, whenever you need it.  Soothing topical pain relief. Coupled with 500mg of full-spectrum CBD and essential oils of lavender and peppermint plants, our Athletic Rub supports muscle recovery with the power of soothing yet revitalizing botanicals.

All in all, this rub is also ideal for after work out and a great way to really target painful areas.

The resealable lid ensures freshness, throw it in your gym back, or keep it at home after a rough day at work; whether it’s from staring at the PC screen all day or on your feet running around, this product is portable and a relief.

CBD Strength 500mg
Brand Pachamama
Country of Manufacture USA
About the Company Pachamama uses a decarboxylation system which infuses hot air into the hemp in its extraction process, a crucial step to obtain the best oils from USA-grown organic help. It’s GMO-free, third-party lab-tested and has achieved a constant level of quality and effectiveness. (Cannabinoids don’t occur in significant concentrations in the plant but are formed through the decarboxylation of the corresponding acids.)
I have complied with all instructions listed on Yes
Shop Location 13 Seeley Bull Street 10950 Monroe, New York, United States

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