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Your days are filled to the brim with activities that demand your attention, and as a result you are not able to set very much time aside for luxury purposes. Between your job, plans with friends and responsibilities at home, you don’t have the time you would need to enjoy many of your favorite CBD products. Knockout CBD’s 10mg CBD Capsule pack is the perfect way to circumvent your lack of time, offering a method of CBD consumption that is as quick and easy as popping the capsule into your mouth and swallowing it. Each pack comes with 30 capsules, and at 10mg per capsule, you are looking at a grand total of 300mg of full spectrum CBD per pack.

With regard to CBD products, capsules are as mobile as it gets. They take up very little space wherever they are placed, whether it be on your bathroom counter for use in the morning or in your bag when you leave for work. They require no extra equipment as a vape juice or tincture oil would, and you don’t even need to chew them before sending them down to get digested as you would with a CBD gummy. Their application time is swift, and because of the way that they are formulated, they have an increased bioavailability that allows their CBD contents to be absorbed faster once ingested.

This product is extremely discreet, appearing to be nothing but a run-of-the-mill capsule. Capsules are so prevalent in society that no one would bat an eye if they saw you swallowing one while walking around the mall or finishing a meal. You would be able to avoid receiving undesired attention while enjoying the full effects of a high-quality full spectrum hemp extract. The ingredients in this capsule are organic, vegan-friendly and non-GMO, ensuring that your experience is as healthy as it is happy!

CBD Strength 10MG
Country of Manufacture United States
United States, California
About the Company Knockout CBD products are a new addition to the CBD catalog! With a stamp of approval - all products by Knockout CBD are fully lab tested with verified concentrations of CBD. At lovetocbd we vet all our brands and highly recommend trying out Knockout CBD. With thousands of brands to choose from. You can rest easy knowing we narrowed down the best CBD and Hemp based products for you!
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Shop Location Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

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