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For a variety of reasons, many people are willing to live and die by the strawberry. Whether it be the fruit’s overwhelmingly sweet taste or the burst of juice that is emitted with each bite, the strawberry has established itself as a leader in the fruit world. Knockout CBD understands that celebrating the strawberry is important, and their Strawberry Vape Pod 2-pack is their way of doing so. Offering 2 0.7mL cartridges that contain 125mg of high-quality CBD each, these pods possess a flavor and smell that make you wonder if you aren’t consuming a real strawberry after all!

This product is pure at heart, containing a 100% CBD isolate and additional flavoring. The CBD isolate is a hemp extract that contains nothing but cannabidiol, eliminating any terpenes and other cannabinoids that would usually accompany it and offering the purest CBD experience possible. The added flavors give the pods their strawberry profile, and since there are no terpenes to muddy up the flavor, your strawberry experience will be as uncontested as possible!

Use these CBD vape pods as you would any other pods. Connect them to your vapor pen, inhale and enjoy the bright, full flavor that Knockout has provided for you. They are juul compatible, so there is no need to worry about their effectiveness when attached to juul products. Each pod offers approximately 200 uses. There is no recommended serving size. To determine your personal serving size, use the pod once and allow the CBD time to take effect. Once you have felt the way in which the CBD affects your body, you can establish a more accurate serving size for yourself. 

CBD Strength 250MG
Country of Manufacture United States
United States, California
About the Company Knockout CBD products are a new addition to the CBD catalog! With a stamp of approval - all products by Knockout CBD are fully lab tested with verified concentrations of CBD. At lovetocbd we vet all our brands and highly recommend trying out Knockout CBD. With thousands of brands to choose from. You can rest easy knowing we narrowed down the best CBD and Hemp based products for you!
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Shop Location Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

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