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Everybody loves a little bit of grape in their lives, whether it should appear as a lunchtime snack or a late night dessert. Knockout CBD recognizes the flexibility of the fruit flavor and the popularity that it has garnered as a result. The brand’s Grape Disposable Vapor Pen is the perfect blend of grape and vape, offering a refreshing blast of grape flavoring in the compact, convenient form of a pen. Each pen possesses a 0.5mL tank and contains 250mg of 100% pure CBD isolate. CBD isolate is a hemp extract that contains virtually nothing but CBD, offering one of the purest CBD experiences possible. 

Much like the grape flavor itself, this disposable vapor pen can be enjoyed at any time of day. If you are looking to increase the palate of fruity flavors that you are enjoying for lunch, this pen is a terrific substitute to actual grapes. If it is getting late and you want a sweet treat before you head to bed, you can take a few pulls of this pen and achieve an experience similar to having a grape popsicle! In both cases, the flavor is certain to satisfy your taste buds, and the scent of the vapor that you produce will make you feel like you are out picking bushels of grapes in a quiet, peaceful field.

To use this grape-flavored disposable vapor pen, simply bring the pen to your mouth and inhale. The pen has an auto-draw system, meaning that it will automatically begin to produce vapor as soon as it senses you inhaling. This also means that there are no buttons or switches that you have to interact with in order to get the pen up and running. There is no recommended serving size for this pen. In order to determine your personal serving size, take a single pull from your pen and see what effects the CBD has on your body. Adjust your future serving sizes accordingly, and when the tank is empty, you can simply discard the entire pen and pick up another one. All of the ingredients in this pen have been rigorously lab-tested and are completely safe for consumption!

CBD Strength 250MG
Country of Manufacture United States
United States, California
About the Company Knockout CBD products are a new addition to the CBD catalog! With a stamp of approval - all products by Knockout CBD are fully lab tested with verified concentrations of CBD. At lovetocbd we vet all our brands and highly recommend trying out Knockout CBD. With thousands of brands to choose from. You can rest easy knowing we narrowed down the best CBD and Hemp based products for you!
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