JustCBD Vape Pen Gold

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4 years ago

Press button 5x fast to turn on/off

Shop Location Florida, United States
  • Jake Martin
    I bought 3 one for me and 2 four a couple friends the battery lasts long I vaped a whole cartridge and still had battery left dropped a couple time nothing happened to them really durable I found some cartridges on Amazon that are the exact color of gold as these vape pens and their durable to and cam fast as well.
    3 years ago
  • Kevin Simpson
    Works great, keeps a charge for approx 2 days...depending on usage
    3 years ago
  • Mark Bufford
    Great CBD product!
    3 years ago
  • Nathaniel Jackson
    long lasting battery and charge
    4 years ago
  • Mary Rodriguez
    Nice, clean hit. Tastes delicious and smells great!
    4 years ago
  • Eva Perez
    Great value!!!
    4 years ago

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