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1 year ago

Described as “spicy but sweet” and known to offer a gentle and uplifting high, Northern Lights is a flavorful indica hemp strain that is ideal for medicating during the day or at night before bed. Floral notes mix and mingle with spicy undertones, yielding a taste that is beautifully balanced. Couple hits of this bad boy will have you entering a cosmic state of relaxation. In fact, it just might have you seeing the stars and the night sky in a whole new light.

You will need a 5-10 thread battery that does 450mah and above to use this cartridge.

This hemp strain contains 200mg pre-filled CBD cartridge of this hemp strain. Our other strains of CBD pre-filled cartridges are Pineapple Express and Sour Diesel.

Ingredients: Broad Spectrum Hemp, Cannabidiol Oil, Propylene glycol (USP), vegetable glycerin (USP), Northern Lights Terpenes.

Shop Location Florida, United States
  • April Robinson
    It’s feels very relaxing and has a subtle but nice and calming affect on your body. It tastes very natural and is not very strong which I like about it.
    5 months ago
  • Jake Martin
    Well worth it Def a great product. I use this one at night since it made me feel ya bit more relaxed. I def will purchase again.
    5 months ago
  • Mike Anderson
    Great taste and awesome effect. Makes you feel very relaxed.
    5 months ago
  • Carlos Friedman
    It was great. I like the taste it give me a relief feeling. The amount. Can be a little more
    10 months ago
  • Mary Rodriguez
    Great flavor. Loved this cartridge. Definitely recommend!
    11 months ago
  • John Gibbon
    If you have smoked CBD, you know how to feel during it. Flavor was a bit more floral than I thought, but good nonetheless! Great product, would recommend!
    11 months ago
  • Jerome William
    Tastes sooooooo good!!!!
    12 months ago
  • William
    I enjoyed the taste and smell. Relaxed feeling for sure. I loved it
    12 months ago
  • michael
    The feeling i got from the Northern lights vape was sweet and relaxing. The quality of justcbd vapes are out of this world. The effects it has on me is that one of finding the most comfy position in bed.
    12 months ago

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