JustCBD Gummies Peach Rings 750mg Jar

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2 years ago

Shop our delicious wide array of flavors of CBD gummies. Our 750mg jar is packed with the 99.99% pure CBD giving you many days of relaxation and stress relief.  We offer FREE shipping on all order, you can receive these tasty treats in just days.  We firmly believe our gummies are the best tasting purest CBD gummies on the market today, give them a try and let us know if you feel the same ????

Approx 36 Pieces, Approx 21mg CBD Per Piece, Net Weight 305gPeach Rings: Nutrition Facts: Serving Size 2 pieces, Calories 50, Total Fat 0g, Sodium 0mg, Total Carbohydrates 12g, Sugars 8g, Protein <1g. Ingredients: CORN SYRUP (FROM CORN), SUGAR (FROM BEETS), WATER, GELATIN, CITRIC ACID. ARTIFICIAL FLAVOR, LACTIC ACID, PECTIN (DERIVED FROM FRUITS), TITANUIM DIOXIDE (COLOR), FO&C YELLOW #5, FD&C RED #40, CANNABIDIOL

Shop Location Florida, United States
  • Jake Martin
    The one I bought tasted too sour
    11 months ago
  • John Wilburn
    This gummies really helped me for my ptsd. I sleep better I enjoy moments with friends and family I even eat better. Good quality
    11 months ago
  • Matthew Hoch
    I started having anxiety real bad So I tried these gummies they really helped me. I will continue to order.
    1 year ago
  • Adrienne Skeens
    Love them! I had been purchasing my gummies locally and they were gross. I found these and am so impressed. They taste good and cost less. They are effective in helping relieve pain. I am constantly in pain and need something at night to sleep. These do the trick and I will be buying more. Thank you.
    1 year ago
  • Ruby Lai
    Good so far
    1 year ago
  • Dorothy Allen
    Love these peach rings. Very relaxing and calming. They really help me sleep at night.
    1 year ago
  • Stanley Gunnels
    I only take 2 a day but has helped tremendously with my back pain. Love the sour worms too !!
    1 year ago
  • Kevin Simpson
    CBD for sleep I mainly take 1 CBD for sleep, The flavor is mild and sweet, I fall asleep very fast and usually through the night, before I was waking up a lot around 3:00 am.
    1 year ago
  • Travis Webb
    I love these gummies. I take two at night for relaxation and sleep. Within 30 minutes I am ready for bed and sleep so soundly. No drowsy feeling in the morning either.
    1 year ago
  • Ollie Martinez
    This is amazing it helps me sleep and relax
    1 year ago
  • Maria Holder
    Satisfied customer- My order of my watermelon, apple and peach rings arrived and was just what I had ordered. Very happy with their quick delivery after I ordered. Thank you.
    1 year ago
  • Benjamin Sherwood
    Amazing! Excellent taste! Helps me get through the day! They calm me down and also relieve some pain in my back.
    1 year ago
  • Carlos Friedman
    I bought a smaller jar of these and liked them so much I bought the bigger jar. These are useful for work where I’m not allowed to smoke cbd cigarettes. I find that I take a much higher dose then what’s recommended . I really like the taste. I also like the effect. They keep me calm and relaxed during my day.
    1 year ago
  • Marcella Curtis
    Very effective for joint pain relief and last all day.
    1 year ago
  • Chelsea Olson
    The quality and benefits really gives me place of mine and the taste is very good
    1 year ago
  • Eleanor Owen
    Excellent help for my anxiety. Great taste with no aftertaste. I am able to manage my anxiety with no medication using these CBD edibles.
    1 year ago
  • Victor Meyer
    Everything about them are good they made me feel better and yes I will bay them again
    1 year ago
  • Betsey Henderson
    They taste great and work wonderfully. They Really help with my anxiety.
    1 year ago
  • Douglas Harms
    I really like the ribbons and will not be purchasing the peach rings again. But I do like all your products. I buy a lot for family!
    1 year ago
  • John Gray
    Very good product, tastes great.
    1 year ago
  • Sharon Perry
    Love the product helps relax me when I’m getting anxiety. It also helps me with my migraines and when I find it hard to sleep. No side effects and doesn’t give me any bad feelings. I can rest well and get the amount of sleep I need. Thank you definitely buying more.
    1 year ago
  • Richard Smith
    They help with anxiety and my minor hip pain
    1 year ago
  • Brenda Ford
    Absolutely love these gummies!
    1 year ago
  • John Gibbon
    All your products are awesome. Fast delivery. Love your company.
    1 year ago
  • Corey Hurt
    Great taste! These help me to sleep at night!
    1 year ago
  • Sharon Snell
    I use these gummies to be able to relax before bed. I struggle with sleep and these help me get to sleep and sleep soundly through the night.
    1 year ago

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