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CBD has been improving people’s quality of life in a myriad of ways since its discovery as a hemp derivative. With so many delivery systems, there’s a way to enjoy CBD for absolutely everyone. One of the lesser known methods is by using a transdermal patch, which is an adhesive patch made of fabric that contains CBD. Upon contact with skin, the patch’s contents begin to be absorbed deep into the layers of your skin. Jane’s Medicinals CBD Patches are a unique, easy and, most impressive of all, discreet way to help yourself along to a better day!

With 6 patches in each box, Jane’s Medicinals offers you 6 days worth of CBD safely and naturally, and with none of the psychoactive properties that you would find in a THC-based product. Each patch contains 100mg of USA-grown hemp extract. Jane’s Medicinals CBD Patches are also all tested for quality by a third-party lab. No need to endure the earthy flavor of some CBD tinctures and edibles, or inhale vapor from an electronic device that needs a battery and other accessories; just easily absorbed CBD that you can wear under your clothes or at night. 

For best results, place patch on a smooth, flat surface on your body. Allow up to 8 hours for the CBD to absorb.

CBD Strength 100MG
Country of Manufacture United States
Chicago, Illinois, U.S
About the Company Welcome to Jane's Medicals CBD! This company is committed to bring their customers the finest possible CBD in the form of incredibly soothing CBD patches. Transdermal absorption is a highly effective way to allow your body the vast benefits provided by high-grade hemp extract. Whether you are looking for the perfect CBD patch to enhance your at-home spa day, or want an enjoyable and effective way to stay on top of your daily CBD regimen, these premium CBD patches are a fantastic option.
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Shop Location Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

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