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Here it comes... uh oh... the daily afternoon crash!!

We all know that feeling, don’t we? It’s been a long day at work and you’re ready to call it quits except… it’s only 2 pm. Instead of reaching for another cup of gross office coffee or spending a fortune on a fancy latte, meet Hug’s CBD Drink Mix in Pick Me Up Mixed Berry!

With 12.5 mg of CBD, caffeine, and vitamins, this tasty powdered drink mix has all you need for a mid-afternoon rescue beverage, or even a boost to the start of your day. With no THC, this drink mix is also safe to use when you don’t want to sacrifice your mental clarity or mental energy. 

Known the world over to promote energy and focus, caffeine is combined with CBD to offer you great way to perk up while also elevating your spirit. Vitamins act as immune boosters and overall body systems support. Plus, by adding one drink packet to a glass of water, warm or cold, you’re giving your whole body a good dose of hydration in a delicious and nutritious way!

Each box contains a pack of 5 drink mix packets.

CBD Strength 12.5MG
Brand HUGS
Country of Manufacture United States
4500 S. Pleasant Valley Rd. Suite 105 Austin, TX 78744
About the Company Like many new brands on the market, Hugs CBD is faced with the challenge of making itself memorable. What better way to put your name on the map than by offering the cuddliest, coziest CBD products on the planet?
I have complied with all instructions listed on Yes
Shop Location Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

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