Hemply Pharm CBD Sour Space Candy Hemp Flower

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Hemply Pharm CBD Sour Space Candy Hemp Flower


This cannabidiol-rich hemp flower has been bred to retain its Sour Diesel characteristics with the added benefit of CBD, making it a nicely balanced hybrid that isn't too sativa or indica dominant. Sour Space Candy has a unique terpene profile, with .36% beta-mycene. The combination of myrcene and CBD is known to be excellent for relaxation and to slow down racing thoughts. Full buds, the best nose of all the flower we sell. Total cannabinoid content is 12.849% best strain for the entourage effect.

Options Available: 3.5grs, 7grs, 14grs
Analysis Sour Space Candy



Brand Hemply Pharm
Shop Location 6925 Lake Ellenor Dr 32809 Orlando, Florida, United States

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