Berkshire Bubba Kush CBD Flower 3.5 Grams 13.26%

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Bubba Kush is a great evening strain with a reputation for serving up a deep relaxation, with wonderful tasting notes of citrus and coco. A favorite of cannabis connoisseurs. Courtesy of the Sovereign Fields genetics, this bud has been artfully rendered in 2020’s premium hemp flower line up.

  • Major Notes: Cocoa, coffee, lemon, and clove 
  • Terpene Profile: D-Limonene and a-Humulene

Ideally a nighttime strain; relaxation.

Brand Berkshire CBD
Country of Manufacture USA
About the Company Berkshire CBD knows the secrets to consistently delivering magnificent hemp flower. It’s precision in planning and passion for our customers. From our slow-drying strategy to our hand-trimming, to our 60-day cure, we have you in mind. Every step of our process is designed to ensure excellence in your finished hemp flower. You can relax when you buy online with us. Know that you are purchasing a hemp flower product that has been cultivated by the practiced care of dedicated artisan growers. We take pride in our process and the opportunity to deliver to you products with the highest standards in the CBD hemp flower industry.
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Shop Location 13 Seeley Bull Street 10950 Monroe, New York, United States

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