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Pets are susceptible to suffering from “Hot Spots,” which are parts of their body that have become inflamed and have been licked, scratched or bitten far too frequently as a result. This can lead to hair loss and heightened sensitivities in the inflamed areas, which can become a serious health concern for your beloved furry friend. AndHemp’s Hot Spot CBD Spray is designed with relief on this front in mind. The CBD found in this spray may reduce the irritation found in these hot spots to a point where your pet will no longer feel the need to excessively tend to it. The bottle contains 30mL of the spray and either 250mg or 500mg of CBD, depending on the size of the purchased bottle. If hot spots are a recurring problem with your pet, or the hot spots that your pet currently faces are severe, it is recommended that you purchase the larger of the two bottles, as it may lead to greater relief.

Active aloe plays an important role in making the spray a comfortable experience. It possesses soothing and cooling properties that make the application of the hot spot spray feel less abrasive. To apply the product, simply spray directly onto the present hot spots and let it be absorbed into your pet’s skin. Rubbing the liquid into the skin is not recommended; the spots will be too sensitive and could be negatively impacted by the pressure that you apply. Your pet is going to notice the application of the spray because of their heightened sensitivity in the area, and AndHemp knows how important it is to keep them calm during the whole process. The CBD may keep the animal calm through the process, acknowledging the feeling but not panicking or becoming anxious as the spray is applied. You pet dedicates itself to you, return the favor by helping them in their time of need.

CBD Strength 250MG-500MG
Country of Manufacture United States
United States
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