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Are the demands and requirements of your workday stressing you out? Having a tough time keeping up with the obligations of your professional and personal lives? There’s plenty of medications and ailments for this sort of thing, but unfortunately, a lot of them come with a laundry list of unwelcome but also unavoidable symptoms. If you’re looking for a holistic alternative to these mainstream options that’s nevertheless proven to work, be sure to check out Allo CBD’s new Soft-Gel Anti-Stress Capsules. These capsules are infused with kava kava roots, and are designed to help you maintain a steady, healthy mood throughout the day. Also contains hemp oil, vegetable cellulose capsule, and rice flour. Ingest orally either in the morning, before you go to bed, or with meals.  The daily recommended dose comes out to one or two capsules per day, taken at whatever time works for you.

CBD Strength 10MG
Country of Manufacture United States
1240 Rosecrans Ave, Suite 120, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266, United States
About the Company ALLO CBD products are a new addition to the CBD catalog! With a stamp of approval - all products by ALLO CBD are fully lab tested with verified concentrations of CBD. At we vet all our brands and highly recommend trying out ALLO CBD. With thousands of brands to choose from. You can rest easy knowing we narrowed down the best CBD and Hemp based products for you!
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Shop Location Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

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