A Gift from Nature Deep Device – Gunmetal

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A Gift from Nature Deep Device – Gunmetal


Deep Kit is a friendly device that can be carried everywhere. Cartridges and Pods Compatible Deep Device Kit Box (Cartridges and pods not included) with Car Key Spring Design, perfect for your easy everyday use in style. LED display screen, intuitive operation, easy to use, High power lithium battery, USB interface can be charged directlyIt works great with most common essential and hemp oils.

KIT INCLUDES: 1 x Device; 1 x USB Cable; 1 x User Manual

FEATURES: 2.00V-4.20V Voltage, Preheat control, Independent Control Module, Cartridges and Pods Compatible

BATTERY: 600mAh, Quick charge

COLOR: Black


Having issues with your pod not firing?

– Use a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol (squeezing off any excess) to clean the contact pads on the bottom of your pod and the firing pins in the pod port on the deep device.
– If the problem persists, make sure the contact pads on the bottom of your pod are protruding. (Oftentimes, the contact pads will become pushed against the pod making it difficult for the contact pads to make a connection with the firing pins in the pod port on the deep device) Take tweezers and lift contacts away from pod slightly.
– Another helpful tip is to rotate your pod. It may not want to fire sitting in the port one way but will work if you rotate pod 180 degrees.
– Occasionally, it may also just be a bad pod that will not fire on any device. Please try using a different pod, to finalize the troubleshooting procedure.
– If your Deep device is still not firing pods, please scan the QR code labelled “A” on the back of the box your Deep came in. This will direct you to a webpage where you can register your device and start a ticket for your one year warranty.

Brand A Gift From Nature
Shop Location 6925 Lake Ellenor Dr 32809 Orlando, Florida, United States

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